About WikiHerb

WikiHerb was set up by Niamh O'Brien (BSc) under the supervision of Byron Tracey (Computing Department), as a key component of an MSc Computational Biology (CIT 2011/12) Thesis project entitled "Dynamic Herbal Monographs in a Digital World"

Q: "Is there a portal where the most up-to-date comprehensive monographs can be accessed, that is both reliable and a trusted source used and updated by qualified medical herbalists?

A: NO! Until now. WIKIHERB has been created to solve this problem. wikiherb.wikidot.com is the first site created that allows monographs to be updated dynamically i.e. in real time, by qualified herbalists, thus allowing for the information that YOU as a herbalist thinks should be included. This information contained on this site is by and for you!

(In 2011, Niamh graduated from Cork Institute of Technology with a BSc (1H) in Herbal Science.)

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