Plant carotenoids are red, orange, and yellow lipid-soluble pigments found embedded in the membranes of chloroplasts and chromoplasts. Their colour is masked by chlorophyll in photosynthetic tissues, but in late stages of plant development these pigments contribute to the bright colours of many flowers and fruits and the carrot root. Carotenoids protect photosynthetic organisms against potentially harmful photooxidative processes and are essential structural components of the photosynthetic antenna and reaction center complexes. In plants, some of these compounds are precursors of abscisic acid (ABA), a phytohormone that modulates developmental and stress processes.

Basil (Fresh) Ocimum basilicum
Thyme (Fresh) Thymus vulgaris
Oregano (Dried) Origanum vulgare
Marjoram (Dried) Origanum majorana


Parsley (Dried) Petroselinum crispum
Basil (Dried) Ocimum basilicum

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